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Disinfection measures for the Covid-19

Guests and Staff Members,

For the prevention of the Covid-19, all staff takes the necessary disinfection actions, and we also kindly ask our valued guests to follow our measures.

*All hotel staff including suppliers and all guests visiting the hotel premises must wear face masks and have their body temperatures measured.

*We kindly ask all guests to check temperatures at check-in.
*If any hotel guests show symptoms, such as coughing or a high body temperature,
  please inform our staff for assistance. 
*Hand sanitizers are available in the public areas and the main entrances. The staff will disinfect the entire premises regularly to maintain
  a clean environment.
*The furniture, floor, and bathrooms in all guest rooms are cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaners to safeguard accommodation quality.
*Disinfectant sprays are available in the hotel’s reception area and restaurants. 
*If any hotel guest feels unwell or suffers symptoms, please wear a face mask and contact our staff for further assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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