Hot spring

The 1200-year History of
Wakura Onsen

As Hokuriku's only seaside hot spring,
Wakura Onsen is beloved for its abundant flow of high-temperature water.
Kagaya has a variety of hot spring baths, including outdoor and open-air baths.
Our communal baths look out over Nanao Bay.
Enjoy the luxury of soaking in our baths while looking out over the calm waters of the bay.

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Clear spring waters filtered through underground crystal

Wakura Onsen has been a major onsen for Hokuriku and Ishikawa since the source was discovered 1,200 years ago. The spring waters have been forced through crystals contained within granite deep underground and unceasingly come forth clear and hot. As the only seaside onsen in Hokuriku, Wakura Onsen draws guests from all around Japan.

The waters of this famed hot spring are both hot and contain high levels of salt. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you accustom yourself by gradually increasing the time you spend in the baths.

Hot spring

Ebisu no Yu

Men's communal bathing area

While enjoying the
magnificent view…

All the baths in the men's communal bathing area, Ebisu no Yu, face the ocean and provide magnificent views. These elaborate baths are spread over three floors and accessible via an internal elevator, allowing access without leaving the bathing area.

Ebisu no Yu Floor Map
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    Feel the sunshine

    Outdoor bath

    Located on third floor in the communal bath area.
    Feel the sunshine while enjoying the bath's gentle fragrance.

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    Facing the ocean

    Open-air bath

    Located on the second floor in the communal bath area.
    In the bath, experience the feeling of seeming to float in Nanao Bay.

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    The Pleasures of Hot Spring Bathing

    Communal Bath

    Wakura Onsen boasts an impressive history of 1,200 years.
    Enjoy the views of Notojima Island and Nanao Bay.

Benten no Yu

Women's communal bathing area

Relax while gazing out over
Nanao Bay…

Benten no Yu is an open-air bath in our women's communal baths that overlooks Nanao Bay.
Spacious and located over two floors, we also offer a salon and post-bath beverages so you can enjoy yourself both in and out of the water.

Benten no Yu Floor Map
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    Open Design

    Communal Baths

    Relax while gazing out over Nanao Bay through the windows.
    You can also try drinking the hot spring water from the designated station
    (100 percent source water to enjoy the pleasures of Wakura Onsen both internally and externally.)

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    Open Design

    Open-air bath

    Bamboo screens have been strategically placed to prevent looking in from the ocean or nearby facilities while allowing to you to enjoy ocean breezes and a view of the bay.

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    A charming rock bath

    Outdoor bath

    Enjoy the views of Nanao Bay and Notojima Island from this spacious outdoor rock bath.

Kashin no Yu

Women's communal bathing area

A beautiful large bath
decorated with gorgeous

Kashin no Yu is located on the first floor, close to the ocean for a magnificent view of Nanao Bay. The bright tiles heighten the experience fragrance of the hot spring water to stimulate the senses.

Kashin no Yu Floor Map
Kashin no Yu
Like a fantastical undersea palace

The colorful tiles make you feel as if you have come to the undersea palace described in the Japanese tale of Urashima Taro. The innovative design and the views of Nanao Bay that stretch out in front of you is a perfect otherworldly match.

Nanao Bay
A prime location for
views of Nanao Bay

Since Kashin no Yu is located on the first floor, we use mirrored glass to prevent looking in from the outside, so please enjoy the views of Nanao Bay without worry.

About the Hot Spring

How to Bathe

Before entering the bath, warm yourself by pouring hot water over your body. Soak the first time for three to 10 minutes to accustom yourself to the temperature, then gradually extend your time in the bath. After getting out, it is best to not wash off the hot spring water to prevent yourself from feeling chilly. If the water causes any inflammation of your skin, wash your body with regular water or gently wipe off the hot spring water. Be careful of growing chilly and remember to periodically rest out of the water while rehydrating with water or another suitable beverage.

* Those with tattoos are kindly asked to refrain from using the communal baths.

Drinking the hot spring water

Kagaya has drinking stations in the communal bath areas that dispense 100% (undiluted) hot spring water. Take 20 milliliters (about 4 teaspoons) or 50 milliliters (about 3.5 tablespoons) at one time, with a total daily consumption of about 40 or 250 milliliters.

* It is best to avoid drinking this water after dinner and in the evening.
* Contains fluoride and is not suitable for infants.

Communal Bath Hours (5:00~25:00)

Bathing areas are closed as follows for cleaning.

Ebisu no Yu(Sauna, Open-Air Bath) 10:00~11:00
Benten no Yu(Sauna, Open-Air Bath) 11:00~12:00
Kashin no Yu 12:00~13:00
Spring quality and efficacy
Source name Wakura Onsen (No. 5 spring, No. 8 spring, No. 10 spring, No. 13 spring)
Well location 79-1 Yo-Bu, Wakura-machi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa-ken
Spring quality Natrium/calcium-chloride spring (hypertonic weak alkaline hot spring)
Spring temperature 82.7℃ (at an air temperature of 22.0℃)
Hot water discharge 990 liters/minute (flow)
Ph value 7.6 (glass electrode method)
Evaporation residue 24.3g/kg (180℃)
Electrical conductivity 26.4mS/cm (25℃)


Said to be good for rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, female ailments, atopic dermatitis and when diluted by half, to help with gastrointestinal illnesses and anemia.


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