Traditional hospitality
for more than a century

Kagaya's hospitality was born out of the philosophy of one of the Kagaya's most charismatic okami, Taka Oda, who always put guest satisfaction first with service that is attentive to small details and provides mindful care. Her legacy lives on in the everyday customs of Kagaya today, beginning with her pioneering habit of greeting each guest in their room.

hospitality hospitality

Always Giving Top Priority to Guest Satisfaction

We have greeted our guests with traditional hospitality since opening in September 1906. From your arrival, we work to ensure a relaxing and comfortable stay from start to finish.

Kagaya Style

Handling all guest requests
with precision and warmth

Finding ways to successfully fulfill our guests' needs is at the heart of Kagaya's hospitality. To hear a guest say "I will return for another stay" is the joy and pride of our staff. To this end, we work to meet guest requests accurately and with care. This basic philosophy continues to drive Kagaya's approach of discreetly responding to our guests' needs.


Spend an excellent and
relaxing time at Kagaya.

Savor the delightful and relaxing stay at Kagaya.

From its beginnings, Kagaya has placed central importance on having all our guests feel at home. From arrival to departure, we will continue our long-standing tradition of thoughtfulness and attention to details.



The source of our hospitality
been passed down
through generations of
okami proprietresses.

A previous okami said, "I approached providing service to individual guests as a kind of earnest game in which I was not allowed to say 'Sorry, I can't do that.'" That sense of service remains alive and well today. Our guests appreciate this unchanging and heartfelt hospitality, which can only be experienced at Kagaya and its sister facility, Aenokaze.



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