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  • 【General Information】

    How do you handle the privacy policy?
    Kagaya absolutely recognizes the importance of the personal information entrusted to us by our guests.
    We work to appropriately protect personal information to ensure that our guests can enjoy Kagaya with peace of mind. 
    What are your check-in and check-out times?
    Check-in is from 3:00 p.m. and check-out is by 10:00 a.m.
    ※The check-out time for Hamarikyu and the Setsugetsuka Tokusenkai floors is by 11:00 a.m.

    The above times may differ from your booking plan, so confirm it with your reservation plan.
    If you will arrive after 6 p.m., please let us know in advance.
    Can I check out later than 10:00 a.m.?
    Use of your room after 10:00 a.m. is subject to a surcharge.
    The surcharge will be 30 percent of the regular room rate until 2 p.m., and 100 percent of the regular room rate after 2 p.m.
    Note that it may not be possible to extend your check-out time depending on room availability.

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    Do you accept credit cards?
    Kagaya accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB and UFJ Nicos credit cards, as well as debit cards issued by banks in Japan.
    For other credit card companies, please inquire.

    (Please note that it may not be possible to pay by credit card for special events/stalls from outside providers.)
    Can I pay with gift cards?
    We accept gift cards issued by certain Japanese companies only.
    Please inquire about your gift cards by call or mail.

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    Do you accept mobile wallet payments or Edy?
    We do accept PayPay only.
    Can I borrow a wheelchair?
    Yes. We have a limited number of wheelchairs for use around our facilities.
    Wheelchair-accessible toilets are also available on the first and fourth floors of Setsugetsuka.
    Do you have a delivery service so I can send my luggage from Kagaya to my home (in Japan)?
    You can arrange delivery through Kuroneko Yamato at the gift shop.

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    What if I left something in my room?
    Please contact us and we will search for the item. If we find it, we will forward it according to your instructions.

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    Can you hold items sent by the delivery service?
    Yes, we can. On the delivery slip in the Notes (備考欄) section,
    make sure to indicate the date of the stay and the name of the guest.
    Can you hold luggage?
    The front desk can hold luggage before check-in and after check-out.
    Please make arrangements at the front desk.
  • 【Guest Rooms】

    How big are your rooms?
    Setsugetsuka: 12.5-mat Japanese room + 6-mat anteroom + indoor veranda (72.13㎡)
    Noto Nagisatei: 10-mat Japanese room + 6-mat anteroom + indoor veranda (63.2㎡)
    Noto Kyakuden: 10-mat Japanese room + indoor veranda (41.97㎡)
    Noto Honjin: 10-mat Japanese room + indoor veranda (44.3㎡)
    Note: The above rooms are with the basic layout, but different configurations are available depending on the number of people and the room fee.

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    Does each room have its own bath and toilet?
    All rooms have a bath* and a Western-style toilet.
    *Noto Honjin rooms, however, have only a shower.
    Do the room baths have hot spring water?
    Guest rooms are supplied only with regular hot water. However, Nagisatei rooms with open-air bathtubs are supplied with hot-spring water.
    Is there a refrigerator in my room?
    All rooms have a refrigerator filled with drinks - a minibar.
    What kind of bedding, bedclothes, toiletries, and etc. are provided?
    Airweave Four Season Futons are used in our guest rooms.
    In our Japanese-Western hybrid rooms, western-style beds are available as well as Japanese futons.

    Yukata robes are not pre-supplied in your room.
    The room attendant will bring the needed yukatas after guiding you to your room.

    Men's Amenities
    Amenity pouch (Japanese scrub cloth, toothbrush), hairbrush, razor, hair tonic, hair liquid, aftershave lotion)

    Women's Amenities
    Amenity pouch (Japanese scrub cloth, toothbrush), hairbrush, face cleanser, toning water, emulsion

    Other Amenities
    Bath towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, hand soap
    Bath towels are also provided in the communal baths, so there is no need to bring a towel from your room.
    What kind of items can be borrowed?
    Items that guests can borrow at no charge are an iron, a blanket,
    different types of pillows (memory foam, buckwheat chaff, feather, and etc.),
    a fever thermometer, a gel cooling pack, an ice pillow, and a humidifier.
    What are your yukata sizes? Do you have children's yukata?
    Our adult yukatas fit heights from 150 to 200 centimeters.
    Our infant and children's yukatas fit children between 80 and 155 centimeters.
    Please note that only a limited number of children's yukata are available.
    Do you have non-smoking rooms?
    Non-smoking rooms:
    *15th – 17th floor of Setsugetsuka Tokusenkai (Deluxe)

    *10th floor of Setsugetsuka (Standard)
    *8th - 10th floor of Noto-Nagisatei
    *4th - 7th floor of Noto-Honjin

    Please inform us of your smoking preference when you make a booking or at least 3 days prior to your arrival date.
    There is a limited number of non-smoking rooms so that we may not meet your request depending on the availability. 
    In that case, we will circulate and deodorize your room before your arrival.

    Do you have rooms with their own open-air baths?
    Six rooms on the third floor of Noto Nagisatei have their own open-air baths.
    There is an additional charge of 22,000 yen per room to request one of these rooms.
    Nagisatei open-air baths are supplied with hot spring water.
    Do your guest rooms have internet access?
    Yes, Free Wi-Fi access is provided.
    Do you provide a wake-up call?
    You can set up a wake-up call with your in-room phone by yourself, or just call and ask the front desk for it.
  • 【Hot Spring Onsen Baths】

    How many baths do you have?
    One communal bath for men, Ebisu no Yu, and two communal baths for women, Benten no Yu and Kashin no Yu.
    Is your hot spring water gensen kakenagashi (continuous flow from the source)?
    Wakura Onsen hot spring water comes out of the ground at 89.1 degrees Celsius and is a sodium–calcium chloride spring,
    making it hypertonic, weakly alkaline and hyperthermal.

    Water is added to lower the temperature.
    In winter, cold air temperatures may lower the water temperature.
    In such cases, water may be heated to maintain a higher temperature.

    The communal baths use a system that constantly injects new hot spring water while also filtering and recirculating the bath water.
    What are the hours for the communal baths?
    Communal bath hours are 5:00 a.m.–1 a.m.
    Please note that the baths are cleaned in sequential order between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
    Do the communal baths have shampoo and towels?
    Yes. Shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers and towels are provided.
    Do you have a large bath that can be reserved for private group use?
    No, we do not offer this option at Kagaya.
    Can a pregnant woman enter the baths?
    It is generally thought that a pregnant woman should avoid entering a hot spring bath in the first and third trimester.
    Hot spring bathing can drain physical strength, so spending long periods of time in the bath should be avoided.
    Pregnant women should consult with their doctor.
    Do you switch the men's and women's baths?
    No. They always remain the same.
    Do you accept day guests for use of the baths?
    No, Kagaya does not have a daytime-only bath option.
    However, we do have a meal and bathing package plan (11,000 yen per person) for groups of 10 or more.
  • 【Cuisine and Dining】

    What time is dinner and breakfast served?
    We will serve dinner at the your requested start time, which can be anytime between 6 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
    Please inform the room attendant of your preferred start time.
    Please tell me about your menu.
    Guests will enjoy kaiseki-style dining, consisting of 10 or so dishes made with seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood from Noto's fields and waters.
    Note that menus may differ according to the accommodation plan.
    I have an allergy. Can you accommodate my needs?
    If you have a food allergy, we are happy to make adjustments in the menu.
    Please make sure to inform us about your allergy when you make your reservation.
    Note that we may not be able to accommodate your request if you inform us on the day you arrive.

    If you have any particular foods you may not prefer,please inform us in advance.
    We will share the information with our kitchen and try to make arrangements for you.

    We can also prepare meals that prioritize quality over quantity.
    The kitchen will work to arrange or change meals according to your requests.
    Please consult with us on any of the above matters.
    Do you offer children's meals?
    Yes, we can prepare for children's meals.
    For children in the upper years of elementary school,
    we will prepare a children's meal with sashimi (similar to the adult meal),
    while younger children (up to the lower years of elementary school) will be served a meal that accommodates the tastes of younger children.
    Can you provide weaning foods?
    Yes, we can. Please inform us at least three days before the planned date of your stay.
    There is an additional charge for weaning meals as follows.

    Dinner only or breakfast only: 550 yen
    Dinner and breakfast: 1,100 yen 
    For these meals, the kitchen will decide on the ingredients.
    We will also do our best to accommodate any allergies your child may have.
    Can you heat food that we bring for our baby?
    If you would like to have such food heated in a microwave, etc., please inform your room attendant.
    When is the deadline for requesting additional dishes?
    Please refer to the Additional Menu Orders page.
    You can place an order at the time you make your reservation.
    We also accept same-day orders,
    but please note that we may not always be able to accommodate such orders depending on ingredient availability.
    Do you have an all-you-can-drink option?
    This option can be arranged for groups of five or more (2 hours, 3,400 yen per person ) for sake, shochu, bottled beer, non-alcohol beer, juice, and oolong tea.
    Can I order locally brewed drinks?
    We offer a variety of Ishikawa alcohols.
    Please refer to the Setsugetsuka Monogatari pamphlet in each room for more information on how to enjoy locally brewed drinks at Kagaya.
    For further details, please ask your room attendant.
    Are drinks included with meals?
    No, drinks are not included with meals, except for certain accommodation plans that specify them.
    Please confirm the details of your accommodation plan.
    For groups of five or more, we have an special all-you-can drink plan for dinner.
  • 【Facilities/Amenities】

    Are there shops onsite?
    There are six souvenir shops in the Nishiki Koji entertainment zone.

    Hana Noren: 7 a.m.–12 p.m., 2–10 p.m.
    Other shops: 7–11 a.m., 5–10 p.m.
    What is Matsurigoya theater?
    This venue features a variety of old-style Japanese performances every evening from 8:15 p.m., including taiko drum and popular song performances.
    Shows change on a monthly basis.
    Do you have an izakaya (Japanese-style tavern)?
    Main Dining Shikitei becomes an izakaya after 8:30 p.m.

    Shikitei Services and Hours
    Breakfast: 7–9 a.m.
    Dinner: 6–8:30 p.m.
    8:30 p.m.–midnight (last order: 11:30 p.m.)
    Do you have banquet facilities?
    We have a range of banquet facilities, from small to large. Please inquire for details.
    Do you have meeting rooms?
    We have a range of meeting rooms, from small to large. Please inquire for details.
    Do your meeting rooms have internet service?
    Free wifi is available in the meeting rooms.
    Do you have vending machines?
    You will find vending machines for beverages and ice cream at Koiuta Yokocho (on the first floor of Setsugetsuka).

    Please note that we do not have vending machines for tobacco or alcohol.
    Tobacco products can be purchased at Shop Hyakka.

    Shop Hyakka also sells beverages, ice cream, snacks, etc. (Hours: 7–11 a.m., 5–10 p.m.)
    Do you have a microwave oven?
    There are no microwaves available for guest use. 
    If you have something that needs to be heated up, please contact your room attendant.

    Was your question answered? If not, please contact us here.

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    Do you have ping pong tables?
    Yes, our ping pong tables can be used with an additional charge.
    Please ask at the front desk after you arrive.
    Can I smoke inside of hotel?
    Kagaya has specified smoking areas, located on the fourth floor of Setsugetsuka, the first floor of Noto Honjin, and in front of the Kagaya entrance, and the first floor of Setsugetsuka. 
    Also, smoking is allowed in your room unless otherwise, it is a non-smoking room.   Please confirm the condition of the room type you book.
    Do you have a swimming pool?
    We have an outdoor pool that can be used during the summer. Please inquire about terms and conditions.
    Do you have esthetic/relaxation facilities?
    AN Spa Noto on the third floor of Nagisatei offers esthetic services to both guests and day visitors. Hours are from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Please inquire via the Kagaya Reservation Center (Tel: +81-767-62-4111).
    A list of services and fees is available on the AN Spa Noto page 
    Do you offer massage services?
    Shiatsu Massages are available (40 minutes for 5,000 yen). 
    Advance reservation required.

    Do you offer lunch services?
    Kagaya does not offer lunch services.
    There are a variety of restaurants in Wakura Onsen, like sushi restaurants and western-style restaurants.

    ▼ Please refer to the following page for information about restaurants in Wakura Onsen.
  • 【Reservations】

    How early do you accept reservations?
    By telephone, up to one year in advance. Online, up to six months in advance.
    What are the operation hours of the reservation office?
    The reservation office opens from 9 am to 6 pm every day.
    Do you charge cancellation fees?
    Cancellation fees vary according to when the cancellation was made.
    ◆ Cancellation made 3 or 2 days before the planned stay: 30% of the accommodation fee
    ◆ Cancellation made the day before the planned stay; 50% of the accommodation fee
    ◆ Cancellation made on the day of the planned stay: 100% of the accommodation fee
    ◆ No-show without notification: 100% of the accommodation fee
    Can I pay in advance?
    Yes, we accept advance payment. 
    Please make a payment by bank transfer, and your payment should be confirmed by us at least 3 days prior to your arrival date.
    Can I bring my pet?
    Kagaya does not allow pets in our facilities.
    Guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are of course welcome,
    but please inform us at least three days in advance.

    A pet hotel is available a 10-minute drive away.
    For details, please inquire directly with the provider: Seventail, +81-767-62-8130 (in Japanese).
    Can I make an advance reservation for fruits or flowers in my room?
    For birthdays or other special occasions,
    we can arrange for a cake or a flower bouquet when you provide at least three days' advance notice.
    The charge for this service will be added to your final bill.
    We can also arrange gifts, but advance payment for the gift is required.
    When I make my reservation, can I ask for a specific floor or a room facing a particular direction?
    We will try to accommodate such requests, but cannot guarantee that your request will be met.
    We do offer accommodation plans in which you can specify conditions.
    A separate fee applies as follows to specify a view (ocean view),

    Setsugetsuka: 10,000 yen per room
    Noto Nagisatei: 6,000 yen per room
    Noto Kyakuden: 4,000 yen per room
    *The above prices are pre-tax.
    *For Noto Honjin, all rooms face the town.

    Note that certain plans do not allow guests to specify a view, so please confirm when you make your reservation.

    Was your question answered? If not, please contact us here.

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    What are your children's charges?
    Accommodation charges for children are as follows.
    ●Grade 3 of elementary school through Grade 6 (up to 12 years old): 70% of the adult charge
    Elementary school through junior high school (children's meals and futon/bed): 50% of the adult charge
    Infants through Grade 2 of elementary school: (with meals and futon/bed): 8,800 yen
    Pre-school (with meals and no separate futon/bed): 6,600 yen
    2 years old through kindergarten without meals: 1,100 yen facility charge
    Children younger than 2: no charge

    Note that the above charges may differ according to the accommodation plan.
    Please inquire by e-mail or telephone with any questions.
    There are a lot of accommodation plans. What are the differences?
    Our booking plans differ from room types and additional included services like extra dishes, privileges, and etc.
    Also, there are special booking packages for sale only for a certain period of time or season. 
    Please contact us for any further information about these booking plans.
    I haven't received a confirmation e-mail.
    ◆ If you entered your e-mail address incorrectly, the confirmation e-mail will not be delivered.
    ◆ If you have set restrictions on the domains you can receive e-mail from,
     please change your settings to allow e-mails from
  • 【Access and Parking】

    Do you have parking lots?
    Yes, we provide free parking lots for our staying guests.
    Our staff will valet park your car for free if you like.
    Please tell me how to get to Kagaya by car.
    Get off the Hokuriku Expressway at the Kanazawa-morimoto IC and proceed to the bypass by following the signs for Noto Satoyama Kaido.

    Get off at Kanazawa-Morimoto IC → Proceed to Shiroo IC (about 20 minutes direct from Kanazawa-Morimoto IC) → From Shiroo IC, you will enter the Noto Satoyama Kaido.
    Shiroo IC → Imahama IC → Uwadana-Yada IC → Tokuda Otsu JCT to Noetsu Expressway
    (Look for the sign indicating Nanao/Wakura on the right-hand curve, about 40 minutes from Shiroo IC.)
    Noetsu Expressway Tatsuruhama Road National Route 249 Bypass → Get off at Wakura IC

    Get off at Wakura IC (no toll gate) and turn left toward Wakura Onsen (just under 15 minutes from Tokuda Otsu JCT).

    Proceed through the Wakura Onsen Nishi five-way intersection and the Wakura Onsen Guchi intersection. Turn left at the Wakura Onsen Higashi intersection (look for the Lawson convenience store on the corner). Kagaya is at the end of the road.

    Was your question answered? If not, please contact us here.

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    Do you provide service to the closest train station?
    We have a free shuttle bus service between our group hotels and JR Wakura onsen station, Hokutetsu bus terminal, and local bus stops nearby.
    Please inform us of your arrival/departure time at any of the above.

    Please kindly be noted we do not provide pick-up services from the airports: Noto-Satoyama, Komatsu, and Toyama.
    How do I get to Kagaya from major cities, and how long will it take to get there?
    Please refer to the following link:
  • 【Other Questions】

    Can you arrange sightseeing and local activities?
    We can make arrangements at the time of reservation or after your arrival. 
    Just let us know what you are interested in.

    Notojima Island is a 10-minute car ride away.
    The island has an aquarium, a glass museum, and a golf course.

    In Wajima (a one-hour train ride away),
    there is a morning market that is open from 7:00 to 11:30 a.m.,
    which sells locally caught seafood, locally cultivated vegetables,
    and everyday items considered to be folk art.

    Yase no Dangai Cliff, a placed that became popular from a famous Matsumoto Seicho novel and film,
    Zero no Shoten (Zero Focus) is a 40-minute drive away.

    Japan's only driveable beach, Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, is a 30-minute drive away.

    For sights around Wakura Onsen and neighboring districts, please refer to the links on the page below.
    Can you arrange for babysitters?
    We do not have childcare facilities on site and do not offer babysitting services.
    Do you offer day-trip hot spring services?
    The baths at Kagaya are reserved only for guests.
    If you would like to visit a day-trip onsen,
    Soyu Onsen in Wakura Onsen and Shimanoyu Onsen in in Notojima offer service to day guests.
    Can you arrange a rental car?
    No, we can't.
    We do introduce the rent-a-car companies nearby, instead.

    Was your question answered? If not, please contact us here.

    Contact us

    Are there any convenience stores nearby?
    There is a 7-Eleven located a 5-minute walk away,
    next to the parking lot of the Aenokaze Onsen Hotel (another Kagaya Group facility).

    There is also a FamilyMart (a 10-minute walk) and a Lawson (a 15-minute walk) in the neighborhood.
    Do you make golf course reservations for guests?
    Yes, we do make golf course reservations for our guests.
    There are a variety of golf courses nearby.
    Please feel free to contact us.


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