A gathering of Western and Eastern wisdom
for deep relaxation


Qi is lifeforce energy. AN SPA NOTO offers unique esthetic treatments focused on the power of Qi, fusing Eastern-style meridian massage with Western beauty massage. Enjoy a relaxing experience in this Zen-inspired space.

Hours 13:00~22:00

A very special atmosphere.

A very special atmosphere.

The interior makes prodigious use of Ishikawa-sourced materials. The floors are made of lacquer-stained ate a type of cypress that is Ishikawa's prefectural tree, while the walls are made of Noto diatomaceous earth. Decorated with a Wajima-lacquered tansu (chest of drawers) and Noto antiques and boasting a courtyard designed in the image of the seas of Noto, the spa is a unique expression of Kagaya's local focus. Spend a special time in a special space for healing, peace of mind, inspiration, and satisfaction that can only be experienced here at AN SPA NOTO.

Important Points about Spa Use

Please add another 30 minutes to the time for each course to calculated the time needed.

Please note that treatments may not be available on the day depending on your physical condition and the condition of your skin.

If you have any skin issues caused by cosmetics or aesthetics, please inform us at the time you make your reservation.

Pregnant women should refrain from visiting the salon in consideration of their health.

Please note that treatments cannot be provided to persons who have any of the listed conditions or are undergoing treatments as follows.
Heart disease, brain disease, infectious disease, cancer treatment, kidney dialysis, osteoporosis, recent surgery or bone fracture, athlete's foot or fever. Treatment will also not be provided to clients who are drunk.
If you are regularly visiting the hospital for treatment or have an existing illness, please consult with your physician before making a reservation.

Please note that if you are late for your reservation time, your treatment may be shortened, or possibly not provided.

To cancel or change a reservation, please contact us as soon as possible.