Welcoming guests, attention to small details, mindful care

Kagaya's hospitality comes from many years of giving attention to small details and providing mindful care.
As part of ensuring that our guests have a relaxing stay,
Kagaya staff will care for you from the moment you arrive to the time we see you off.

Lounge and Front Desk
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Lounge and Front Desk

The original Kagaya sign on the wall behind the front desk, handed down from generation to generation. An authentic tea room in which Nanao Bay becomes a garden. Works of art throughout, from calligraphy in spaces of traditional Japanese design to the elevator hall of Nagisatei. Please enjoy a splendid time in Kagaya's luxurious Japanese surroundings while soothed by the sound of live koto harp performances.

Entertainment on Nishiki Oji
on Nishiki Oji

Nishiki Oji is an 80-meter long, 3,300-square meter indoor entertainment zone designed in a traditional tearoom style.

About Otanoshimi


Qi is lifeforce energy. AN SPA NOTO offers unique esthetic treatments focused on the power of Ki, fusing Eastern-style meridian massage with Western beauty massage. Enjoy a relaxing experience in this Zen-inspired space.

About Esthe

Floor map

Floor map


Nishiki Oji is an entertainment zone starting from Nagisatei. At Matsurigoya, enjoy a variety of performing arts. The various clubs, Koiuta Yokocho and gift shops will also compete for your attention.

Nishiki Koji

Nishiki Koji is a 3,300 square meter entertainment zone spread out along an 80-meters arcade.


Mini-concerts in the Hiten Lounge

Koto Harp performance

Koto Harp performance in the Hiten Lounge


The bustling morning market will draw out your traveler sentiments.

Floor map


The second floor is where our banquet rooms are located. Various sizes and styles are available. Our Kotobuki-jaya and Kagura-jaya rooms, for example, are excellent for small groups looking to relax and drink, while Akane is a Western-style party room. On this floor, you'll also find the men's and women's communal baths, an open-air bath, a sauna, and a salon for comfortably relaxing.


Shigure is a bar located in the central area with an atrium ceiling and open feel.

Western-style party room

Akane (Western-style party room)

Banquet Room

Yumeguruma Banquet Room

Tsuzumi Banquet Room

Tsuzumi Banquet Room

Floor map


A dedicated elevator connects the three floors of the men's and women's communal baths. The third floor is where you'll find the open-air bath, saunas, and a relaxing salon, along with a teahouse and restaurant, where you can taste Noto specialties.

Ebisu no Yu

Ebisu no Yu men's bath, which runs with water from the 1,200-year-old Wakura hot spring.

Benten no Yu

Benten no Yu (women) with a panoramic view of Nanao Bay

Ebisu no Yu

Ebisu no Yu open-air bath (men)

Benten no Yu

Benten no Yu open-air bath (women)

Floor map


The Asuka Convention Hall and the Japanese-style Momoyama Hall are two rooms that are ideal for holding the type of Japanese-style conventions that are unique to hot spring resorts. Feel the sea breezes while swimming in the Sky Pool for a special experience(available only summer). A Noh stage is also available for performances.

Noh Stage

Noh Stage


Banquet Rooms<Momoyama>




Convention Halls <Asuka>


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