Dishes that make the most of
Noto's seasonal bounties

We carefully select seasonal ingredients and prepare them with a taste that is unique to Kagaya.
We hope you will enjoy this collaboration between Kagaya and Japan's four seasons.
The many local seasonal ingredients available on the Noto Peninsula stimulate chef creativity throughout the year.
Please enjoy our dishes created with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

  • Noto's seasonal bounties
  • Noto's seasonal bounties
  • Noto's seasonal bounties
  • Noto's seasonal bounties

Seasonal Delicacies

The seas around Noto are
a seafood treasury

Residents feel the seasons according to the type of seafood caught: sea bream and the now-rare isaza fish in spring, abalone and turban shell in summer, the especially tasty seafood caught by trawl nets in the fall, and Kano crabs and fattened yellowtails in the winter.

Seasonal Delicacies
  • spring Isaza

    A small fish that swims upstream to spawn around March, when river waters have begun to warm.

  • Summer Akanishi Shellfish
    Akanishi Shellfish

    A valuable conch unique to Nanao Bay that is chewy and sweet.

  • Summer Hegurajima Abalone
    Hegurajima Abalone

    A fine wild abalone that is superior in terms of flavor, texture, sweetness, chewiness and thickness.

  • Autumn Noto Toki Shrimp
    Noto Toki Shrimp

    Enjoy the firm and transparent flesh of this sweet shrimp as sashimi.

  • Winter Noto Yellowtail
    Noto Yellowtail

    The Noto Peninsula has long been famed for its yellowtail.

  • Winter Kano Crab
    Kano Crab

    Locally caught snow crab brought to Kanazawa Port is called Kano crab. A light blue tag serves as proof of origin.

Traditional Vegetables

Local vegetables cultivated prior to 1945 and still grown in the Kanazawa area are referred to Kaga vegetables. These Kaga vegetables are highly nutritious and are popular for their beauty and health benefits.

  • spring Bamboo Shoots
    Bamboo Shoots

    Enjoy the aromatic flavor and excellent texture of this seasonal delicacy, which is rich in dietary fiber, low in calories and contains Vitamin B, Vitamin C and calcium.

  • spring Noto Mountain Vegetables
    Noto Mountain Vegetables

    Many wild mountain vegetables can be gathered due to large areas of preserved nature.

  • Summer Kinjiso

    The face of these leaves is green, and the underside purple. When cooked, they become gelatinous like moroheiya.

  • Summer Kaga Fat Cucumber
    Kaga Fat Cucumber

    These cucumbers have a smooth surface and grow 5–7 centimeters in circumference.

  • Autumn Goroshima Kintoki
    Goroshima Kintoki

    These sweet potatoes have a high sugar content, making them moister than other sweet potatoes.

  • Autumn Nakajima Greens
    Nakajima Greens

    These greens have long been cultivated in Nakajima Town on the Noto Peninsula.

Executive Chef

Continuing Our Traditional Taste

Kagaya has cultivated its own Japanese food preparation techniques over many years,
incorporating new ideas to create even more delicious dishes. No matter what season you visit us,
we will welcome you with the special taste of Kagaya.

Executive Chef
Uko, Fujio

Recommended Drinks

Recommended Drinks

We have prepared a selection of drinks that will add a splash of special flavor to our kaiseki dining course. Our drink list includes an original Kagaya shochu and local sakes.

* Photos are for illustrative purposes.
* Some items are occasionally unavailable.

  • Yokichiro daiginjo sake
    Yokichiro daiginjo sake

    Yokichiro is a super premium sake created to commemorate Kagaya's 100th anniversary. Carefully selected Yamada Nishiki rice grains have been polished down to pearls for a delicate taste.

  • Ito 110th anniversary sake
    Ito 110th anniversary sake

    Kagaya's 110th anniversary sake with a refreshing aftertaste. Carefully selected Mikohara rice from Hakui City* that is not overly polished to bring out its umami, this commemorative sake has a refreshing aftertaste. * Registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System site.

  • Hamarikyu junmai daiginjo sake (dry)
    Hamarikyu junmai daiginjo sake (dry)

    Enjoy this Kagaya original, limited-edition junmai ("pure rice") super premium sake. The brewer carefully polished Yamada Nishiki grains down to half their original size and worked to brew Hamarikyu to have a refined fragrance and light flavor.

  • Kagaya original wine THE ONE
    Kagaya original wine THE ONE

    An original wine created by famed Australian winemaker Adam Chapman and Kagaya sommelier Tsuyoshi Hanashima.

  • Royal Blue Tea
    Royal Blue Tea

    A luxury tea made with premium, hand-picked tea leaves and infused in cold water for three to six days then hand-decanted into glass wine bottles.

  • The hard-to-find Moriizo shochu
    The hard-to-find Moriizo shochu

    A special sweet potato shochu (25% alcohol) from the Moriizo Distillery, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Dining Locations


Spend a relaxing time while eating your meal privately.

About Guest Rooms

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Dining Restaurants

Relax in your room, then, enjoy your meal at the main dining 'Shikitei' with the beautiful scenery of calm Nanao bay or the sky garden restaurant 'Hokuto' with a panoramic view of Wakura Onsen.

Please kindly be noted that the restaurant your meal is served will be announced upon check-in.

Hours Breakfast: 7:00-9:00 a.m., Dinner: 6:00-8:30 p.m.


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