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One of Japan's best ryokans
with a long history of service

An enduring tradition of
heartfelt hospitality

Since our establishment a century ago, Kagaya has worked to make all our guests feel at home.
Successive generations of proprietresses, called okami,
hands down their knowledge and skills to ryokan staff to ensure our guests have a wonderful stay.
We will continue to cherish each moment and approach each day with gratitude as we look forward to your visit to Kagaya.

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The 100 BEST Hotel IN japan No.1

First place in the 46th Top 100 Hotels & Ryokans Voted by Industry Professionals Rankings

Kagaya was selected as Japan's best ryokan.
Enjoy a relaxing and wonderful time with us.

Kagaya was selected as Japan's best ryokan. Enjoy a relaxing and wonderful time with us.

Guest Rooms

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Spacious rooms with
a panoramic view of Nanao Bay

Our guests' rooms are located in one of four buildings to maximize your enjoyment of the spectacular panoramic views of Nanao Bay.
Our traditional Japanese interiors with tatami mats and shoji paper screens will soothe you after a day of travel.

  • Noto-Nagisatei
  • Noto-Honjin
  • Hamarikyu
  • Setsugetsuka
  • Noto-Kyakuden
  • Noto-Nagisatei


    A number of Nagisatei rooms have private open-air baths for a new style of ryokan enjoyment.

  • Noto-Honjin


    Located next to the Wakura Onsen's main street. Perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of hot spring resort towns.

  • Hamarikyu


    The Hamarikyu executive floors are located on the eighteenth to twentieth floors of the main Setsugetsuka building and offer a panoramic view of the quiet waters of Nanao Bay.

  • Setsugetsuka


    Setsugetsuka rooms are centrally located and apointed in a classic and relaxing Japanese style.

  • Noto-Kyakuden


    Fully experience the refreshing breezes from Nanao Bay.


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The traditional taste of Kagaya,
made with seasonal ingredients

Kagaya has cultivated its own Japanese food preparation techniques over many years, incorporating new ideas to create even more delicious dishes. No matter what season you visit us, we will welcome you with the special taste of Kagaya.

The traditional taste of Kagaya
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Hot Spring

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Hokuriku's only seaside onsen town,
with a 1200-year history

Wakura Onsen is a hot spring blessed with an abundant flow of high-temperature water.
It is beloved as the only seaside onsen in Hokuriku.
Kagaya has a variety of hot spring baths, including outdoor and open-air baths.
Enjoy the fragrance of our hot spring baths and smell of salt-infused air.

Ebisu no Yu

Men's communal bathing area
Ebisu no Yu

Benten no Yu

Women's communal bathing area
Benten no Yu

Women's communal bathing area
Kashin no Yu


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A spacious lounge and gift shop with a wide selection of items. A range of onsite facilities are available to help our guests feel at home.



Five minutes by car from JR Wakura-Onsen Station.
An ideal base for sightseeing in Ishikawa Prefecture,
Kanazawa City, and the Noto Peninsula.

Kagaya is in a prime location with panoramic views of Nanao Bay.

Shuttle Bus

Guests are welcome to use Kagaya Group's complimentary shuttle service, which runs between JR Wakura-Onsen Station and each of the group's facilities in the Wakura Onsen area.

Shuttle Bus



Enjoy the beauty of Noto's
satoyama and satoumi landscapes,
created over time with traditional
techniques that maintain both
biodiversity and productivity.

Ishikawa's Noto Peninsula has a long history of traditional culture and many places of scenic beauty. This heritage includes our satoyama and satoumi landscapes, which are recognized by the United Nations as Globally Important Agricultural Systems. We hope you will enjoy the rich natural environs of the Noto Peninsula.



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